This Generation Virtual Conference 2021

In 2020, several businesses/startups shut down and many entrepreneurs income declined and, in some cases, were wiped out as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. Jobs were lost and many have been devastated by the uncertainty of livelihood. A lot of young people are currently in despair and uncertainty. The world, including Nigeria, is doing all it can to quickly recover from the economic meltdown of the pandemic by rebuilding the economy and entrepreneurial ecosystems so as to restore nations to the pathways of prosperity and hope in its teeming youth.

In these moments of great darkness and uncertainty among the youth, God’s word to the Nigerian youth is, “Arise and shine!” (Isaiah 60:1), because in all these challenges lie unprecedented opportunities for business growth, entrepreneurial breakthroughs, positive change and accelerated national reformation. But we need His light to see dimensions of new thinking, innovations, value chain reinvention, and essentially new and efficient ways of doing business and transforming our societies. 

It is against this background that This Generation Conference 2021, through the Young Entrepreneurs Accelerator, is committing to empower youths with knowledge, skills and faith-based principles to seize these opportunities to thrive as entrepreneurs and social-change champions. This is our decade to rise and shine, because His light is on You!

This Generation Virtual Conference 2021!

THEME: Taking Responsibility – Enabling Entrepreneurs


  • Young Entrepreneurs Accelerator: April – May 2021
  • This Generation Conference: Saturday, 19th June 2021

HOST: Dr Andy Osakwe, Senior Pastor, Summit Bible Church

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CONFERENCE GIVEAWAY: Free internet data for 200 Livestream viewers. Terms and conditions apply.