DATE: Saturday, 11th June 2022

HOST: Dr. Andy Osakwe – Senior Pastor, Summit Bible Church

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Annually, This Generation Conference converges about 1,500 passionate young people and proactive Nigerian thought leaders, entrepreneurs, captains of industries, public office leaders, influencers, politicians, clergy, entertainers, sports personalities, etc., to deliberate, exchange ideas and be galvanized to play their role in birthing the divine destiny of our beloved country, NIGERIA.

2022 is majorly a year of politicking for Nigerians. This year, political parties will decide their flag bearers and candidates will move through the length and breadth of Nigeria to sell their vision and person to Nigerian voters. The 2023 election is an election of national destiny for Nigeria and its young people.

But people are becoming weary of regular politicians. This is because, despite promises by governments upon governments, the major development indicators for Nigeria are on a downward slide, eroding minimal development milestones. For instance, unemployment is at an alarming 40%+, Nigeria’s debt service is about 90% of our project revenue, tertiary institutions are regularly on strikes, insecurity is on the increase, inflation and hunger are on the rise and young professionals are leaving Nigeria in droves…the disappointment is real!

However, despite all of these, there is hope that we are one good president away from getting back to the pathways of accelerated development. The question is, how do we get into political office, persons with character, competence, vision and empathy for Nigerians? Do we have such Nigerians already?

It is against this backdrop that This Generation 2022 will, among other things, bother on the qualities that make for building great nations. Conversations will thrive on righteous and patriotic service life, the importance of infiltrating governance and public office with moral and competent citizens who can chart the course for leap-frogging nation-building, and proffer the qualities of the ideal leadership that can transform Nigeria and inspire youth to take a stand to vote for the possibility of a great and prosperous Nigeria.

Beyond the conversations, young people will be given a unique opportunity to think and initiate civic activities aimed at contributing positively to the 2023 generation elections, and outstanding projects will be rewarded. (click to read more- redirect to civic page)

Youth in the FCT will also be inspired to participate in a community service challenge to take a stand and improve their communities. (click to read more - redirect to community challenge page)

Why are we so invested in this Nigeria project? Because His word has gone forth and we have such trust that it will come to pass for Nigeria; so Nigerians, Take A Stand! Arise and Shine! For His light has come for us! - Isaiah 60:1