Leadership, Politics and Governance
This workshop will explore the concept of contemporary political leadership and its impact on governance and citizens. It will also situate the need for youth political participation and leadership in governance from a God perspective. It is a session for those willing to explore leadership in politics and public service as a tool for national transformation. Click to sign-up for this workshop.

Entrepreneurship and Startups
In a time when Nigeria is experiencing unprecedented youth Unemployment, one of the solutions to the challenge amongst many is  the culture of entrepreneurship and business startups. Nigeria is seeing the rising of young entrepreneurs who are defying odds and creating disruptive business startups. This workshop will explore the principles, prospects and challenges of startups and how young entrepreneurs can navigate towards success. Click to sign-up for this workshop.

Ministry and Kingdom Advancement.
For Jesus said, “Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven”. God's will must continue to be done and His kingdom culture spread in Nigeria and all over the earth, by believers. This workshop is for youth who are passionate about ministry to the youth generation and using our market place platforms to advance kingdom principles and cultures. Click to sign-up for this workshop.